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About Tuckey Motorsports

It all started one day in 1998 as I awoke from sleeping in front of my computer while working at TrailMaster Suspension. I had recently accepted a full time design engineer position after graduating from Ferris State University. I had worked for TrailMaster for about four years while attending school. I loved everything about being involved in the full spectrum of pulling in a truck, evaluate how were going to lift it, build cardboard samples, make real parts, go to the computer to draw everything, and see a finished bad ass lifted truck as the fruits of your labor. The falling asleep at the computer during that draw and instructions stage was just killing me. This frustration and need for having my hands on things all the time led me to a phone call to my brother. Jake had spent the last several years becoming the guy to go to for car audio, window tint, and anything else that he could use his creative abilities to attempt on a vehicle. We decided to quit our jobs and find a building to open shop. On April Fools Day, 1998, was the beginning of Tuckey Motorsports.
For the first several years we did whatever we could to survive trying to live the American dream. We detailed cars all night long, tinted windows, installed sunroofs, remote car starters, car stereos, anything to keep us busy. Wal-Mart came to town in about 2000 and we were getting booted out of our great location (brand new Applebees across the street for after hours stress relief). We had to make a quick hard decision as we moved out and purchased property to build a new building. As the years progressed and peoples trust in us grew we began to get more requests for accessories, lift kits and larger projects. There was nothing simple or easy about making a small business with your brother successful. It was all a big learning curve and a lot of work. In 2006 Jake decided that year round sunshine and window tint made more sense than shoveling snow and remote starters all winter. Off he went to Fort Myers, Florida and is now involved with Suntamers Window Tint with several locations. 
I had a new desire to work forward and broaden our offerings and continue on. We began getting more involved in automotive and business graphics. I purchased a Gerber Edge thermal transfer printer and we developed a great reputation in designing and printing graphics for all sorts of projects. This led to more and larger graphics projects and the purchase of a large format printer and laminator. We began do full vehicle wraps, complete business sign projects, banners, etc. The graphics office expanded into two offices, then the two offices expanded into two offices and a third of the showroom. The shop needed to add spray-in bedliners as a service to accompany the rest of the truck accessories. This required a booth and dedicated space which led to the purchase of the property next door. We built a spray booth and started spraying Reflex Spray-On bedliner on everything from normal truck beds to pontoon decks, work truck beds, fuel tanks, trailer floors, etc.
Crazy to think that we are working towards 20 years and still here serving Branch county and the Tri-State area. We have developed friendships and relationships all over including from hours away. Awesome word of mouth recommendations and continued repeat customers are a testament to the level of quality service we provide and expertise in our business. The most rewarding part of my day on a regular basis is describing to the guys at the shop a story of the customer that just walked out. How they probably came first in about '99 and we did this truck, and that car, and then their sons car, and daughters whatever.... on and on the story goes. The number of these people that we have became friends with over a 20 year period is honestly quite baffling. That leaves me with a big THANK YOU to all those customers, or friends, that have supported us for years and have been so kind to recommend us to others.
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